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The 21st floor - 360-SUITOP HOTEL

In 1898 he Wilhelm II, the German Kaiser, decided to conduct a week-long tour of Jerusalem. The Kaiser's visit was planned well in advance, while ensuring the selection of luxury hotels that can offer the Kaiser sumptuous accommodation that include: Individual an personal care, excellent gourmet meals and large and luxurious rooms that can make the Kaiser's stay in the holy city a pleasant experience. The Kaiser, who had waited a long time to visit Jerusalem, insisted on viewing the unique landscape of the Holy City during his stay. The planners of the royal visit to Jerusalem decided to even bring a unique telescope specially built for the Kaiser in Germany to this excursion, in order to make the landscape viewing experience unforgettable. Jerusalem residents, who waited for a long time for such royal visit, welcomed the Kaiser with a royal welcome and escorted his entourage everywhere. The Kaiser willingly accepted the love of the city's residents during his visit, yet he did insisted on one thing: To view the Jerusalem landscape on his own. And so it was, during the visit the Kaiser went out secretly with a small entourage to view the Jerusalem landscape through the telescope that was built especially for him. Later it was told that the Kaiser felt that viewing the Jerusalem landscape was one of the most impressive experiences he ever had in his entire life, yet the spot from where the Kaiser viewed the landscape remained a secret to this day. Since the Kaiser's visit many tried to find out the secret of the viewpoint from which the Kaiser viewed Jerusalem, but to no avail.
Nowadays, after more than a hundred years leaders, businessmen and families can enjoy the same unique experience the Kaiser had.